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Every event is unique and exclusive... yours will be even more so because it will make you live your dream. 

HC Luxury Events the Wedding Planner who signs your classy events!

About me

Organizing and planning events has always been my great passion and I believe that every event should be truly surprising. This is the philosophy with which I opened Hc Luxury Events in 2010 and since then I have developed important relationships with various professionals and suppliers in the sector. Whether your event needs a Potenza wedding planner, or a destination wedding planner, I will work with commitment and passion to ensure that your event is simply unforgettable.

I always aim for excellence!

Francesco Maria


"Discover your desire"

Wedding Table Setup

Enjoy the moment

Exceptional results

Satisfaction guaranteed

Vintage Table Set

Indelible moments



Attention to detail on everything.

An exceptional organization that left nothing to chance.

We received compliments from everyone for our wedding party (organized in 2 and a half months). Spectacular!

Principio and Arianna

Francesco and Helena...what can I say...two special people. The affection and availability you have shown us in recent months have helped us resolve all our doubts. Your help was essential in making sure everything was perfect for us and our guests, which was what worried us the most. The sincere compliments that we continue to receive are a complete satisfaction for us and for you too. Thank you again, not only for your professionalism, but also for your great friendship!

Giuseppe and Rosanna

Last Saturday we fulfilled our long-awaited and desired dream. Everything was like in fairy tales, those with happy endings, the beautiful, exciting, thrilling ones, everything tremendously fantastic, perfect, impeccable... 8 days later the guests still compliment us on the organisation, on the style , for the elegance, and we cannot do anything other than pass on these compliments and thank from the bottom of our hearts those who have allowed us to live this fairy tale, those who have allowed us to realize our dream, those who have followed us on this path, those who have The beginning made us feel at home, guiding us step by step, stage by stage on this magical journey. Thanks to their professionalism, perseverance, humanity, experience and patience, nothing seemed impossible to us and little by little every desire took shape, every piece fell into the right place and the fairy tale became reality. Even the distance (almost 200 km) which initially might have seemed like an obstacle, was absolutely not a problem, we organized ourselves perfectly and without a shadow of a doubt I would do it all again even if we had to arrive from the opposite side of the planet...we thank the day where we met Helena and Francesco because without them our day would not have been so magically beautiful. A special, profound, heartfelt thank you also goes to Donato and Roberto, Evolve 2000... they have art in their hands and for them the principle applies that nothing is created, nothing is destroyed but everything is transformed. .... yes, they transform ... .they transform art into beauty, passion into shapes, colors into harmony, perfectly framing the figure and adapting it to the best shape. Words are superfluous, but the results are not, they speak and make people speak... thank you infinitely.

Giuseppe and Ofelia

We organized our wedding with HC Luxury Events...

I'll tell you how it went, I'm Mariangela, the bride, I'm the mother of two children and I've been living with Salvatore for several years. one afternoon in August I call Francesco, we make an appointment and have a coffee. I told him that we would like to get married at Christmas and that I had no idea or time to organize it. Francesco looks at me, asks me some questions, takes notes, then asks me if we had set a budget... (I'll start by saying that the time was tight):

he looks at me and says "let's have another coffee in the meantime I'll try to make a couple of calls..." moral of the story?

Within an hour my/our wedding was planned! We agreed on an inspection of a couple of locations, a couple of video calls with the photographer and florist, made an appointment at the Atelier (he already had my dress in mind and so it was), confirmed the make up and hair stylist and decided the date of the promise (27 September). The wedding was celebrated on 24 December 2017 at Villa Reale in Foggia where the reception also took place... I summarize everything with "simply fantastic".

Professionalism, ability to collect information, wishes and ideas and turn them into reality in record time!

Thank you, I would choose Francesco and HC Luxury Events again a thousand times.

Salvatore and Mariangela

Francesco from HC Luxury Events was our lighthouse, our guide, our Fantastic Wedding Planner!

An idea, a desire that others had defined as unachievable... to celebrate the civil ceremony of our wedding and the reception in our facility, a pizzeria in a small town that is life for us.

We meet Francesco in our pizzeria, we explain our idea to him, he takes a tour, looks around, asks us the number of guests, the date of the event, some technical questions about the kitchens, the service spaces, he looks at us and answers us smiling: "of course it can be done and with a few small structural changes it will be simply wonderful,"

Well, what can I say... he had the ability to introduce us to suppliers (in every area) with whom we immediately got on well, he organized and planned us in detail, minute by minute, also dealing with the day of the event , a summer storm that lasted about an hour and a half... the staff under his leadership managed to deal with the situation and ensure that everything was postponed by only half an hour. His main concern? That my future husband and I were calm, calm and ready to live our dream.

We and our guests experienced it thanks to HC Luxury Events, the TOP!

P.s. Thanks to Mara, Anna and Francesco who had a constant, discreet but absolutely precious presence throughout the reception.

Davide and Mary

On this date I celebrated one of the most important milestones of my life: graduation. It is an event that means a lot to me and celebrating with my closest loved ones and friends filled my heart with joy. In fact, the evening was full of emotions and a lot of fun, and I certainly wouldn't have been able to make it so beautiful without the help of my dear friend Francesco: his availability, patience, kindness, professionalism and his advice meant that that evening could flow peacefully, in the name of good music and fun.

In the setting of Borgo Villa Maria, attention to detail and great ideas created a fantastic evening. Francesco followed me in every step, from the choice of location down to the smallest detail and therefore I thank you with all my heart, I thank you for how you were able to make what were ideas become reality and I thank you above all for making this goal of mine magical. THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART

PS: people, days later, are still enthusiastic about how they spent the evening... they will hardly forget.



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